Dooa Wholesale Ltd

You will now be taken around the store to familiarise yourself with the layout and the features discussed so far in this induction course.

As you go around the store remember to look out for the following:

✓ Fire exits
✓ Fire call points
✓ Fire escape routes
✓ Fire extinguishers and hoses
✓ Fire assembly points
✓ Fire evacuation notice (action in the event of an emergency)
✓ The health and safety notice board
✓ Location of the first aid boxes
Location of the accident book
Equipment to deal with spillages, including wet floor signs
Managers offices
Safety rep
The canteen

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Back injuries can happen in all types of workplace. The most common injuries are usually associated with handling, lifting and carrying. Within the warehouse, you will be expected to handle materials and goods. Handled correctly, these tasks should pose no injury to you.


Step 1: Position

  • Consider what you are lifting
  • Consider the best position
  • Have your feet apart, giving a balanced and stable base for lifting (tight skirts and unsuitable footwear make this difficult)
  • Have the leading leg as far forward as is comfortable
  • Test before lifting

Step 2: Bend

  • Get 'underneath' the load
  • Bend with the knees
  • Keep the back straight
  • Don't stoop or stretch
  • Hands underneath corners, avoiding sharp edges or anything loose
  • Test your grip before fully lifting

Step 3: Lift with your legs

  • Use your legs to protect your back
  • Bend your knees
  • Test the weight
  • Carry out the lifting movement smoothly
  • Raise the chin as the lift begins, keeping control of the load
  • Do not twist the body when turning to the side

Step 4: Look

  • Keep looking all around
  • Walk tall, walk straight!
  • Steer with your eyes
  • The closer the load, the less strain on the back
  • Do not stoop, stretch or over-reach
DD slash MM slash YYYY