Europe snacks induction (food safety) questionnaire

Note: All questions are compulsory

Duration: 20 min

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Why is it important to wash your hands before entering the food production area?(Required)
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How can you tell if food has enough bacteria to cause food poisoning?(Required)
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If a food handler is sick whilst at work, what should he do?(Required)
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You can use a nose ring or earrings if it is covered(Required)
State True or False
One of the best ways to prevent contaminating food is to wash your hands(Required)
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Food waste should be stored in a covered skip to lower the risk of pest infestation(Required)
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Circle the three microbiological hazards(Required)
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Which of the following is a common physical contaminant?(Required)
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Arrange the order in which you will follow the changing procedure whilst commencing work

(put in number order)

  1. Checking yourself in the mirror
  2. Captive shoes
  3. Overalls (protective clothing)
  4. Hairnet
  5. Clock in (using clothing)
  6. Washing your hands
Captive shoes can be used in the smoking shelter(Required)
State whether the following statement is true or false
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What is the most important reason for cleaning a food production area?(Required)
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Pests are a problem in any food premises. The main problem is:(Required)
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I confirm that I understand, and I would adhere to the principles I have learnt in the training.

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The minimum pass mark for this test is 11. This test is delivered against the induction Version 10, dated 16/02/2021

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