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Agency staff induction

DD slash MM slash YYYY

For the comfort and safety for you, our staff and customers please complete a few health questions and carefully read and understand the health and safety rules.

Health questions

Do you have or have you suffered from diarrhoea in the last 2 weeks?(Required)
Do you have or have you suffered from food poisoning in the last 2 weeks?(Required)
Are you suffering from boils or skin infections?(Required)
Are you suffering from a chest infection?(Required)
Are you suffering from a nose infection?(Required)
Have you recently (last 2 weeks) visited a high risk country abroad?(Required)

Health and Safety Rules

  1. Protective clothing is provided and must be worn in all food handling areas.
  2. Hair must be completely covered with the hairnet supplied.
  3. No jewellery or watches may be worn in the food preparation areas other than a wedding band that does not contain stones.
  4. Hands must be washed before entering the factory even though gloves are worn.
  5. Gloves must be changed after handling any waste material, chemicals or other means of cross contamination.
  6. Eating (including chewing gum) and drinking are only permitted in the rest room. Nuts or nut containing foods are not permitted.
  7. Smoking is only allowed outside the building.
  8. Cough and sneeze away from the food and wash hands and change gloves if hands came into contact with mouth or nose.
  9. Do not operate any equipment unless you have received the appropriate training.
  10. Follow the guidance and instructions of the managers and supervisors at all times.
  11. In case of a fire, please leave the building immediately and wait at the assembly point which is in front of the building for further instructions.
  12. Walk carefully in the factory being careful of slipping and tripping - never run.
  13. Always bend the knees with a straight back when picking up or moving any goods.
  14. Mobile phones are not allowed in the food handling areas.

Agency staff induction

Good Manufacturing Practices

  1. All products must be maintained to temperatures < 4 deg C.
  2. Hygiene is essential and products must only be produced on clean working surfaces.
  3. Two different products must never be mixed on the same table. Please follow the
    advice of the supervisors.
  4. If, under any circumstances you are not sure about a material, process or product,
    please ask the supervisor in charge. DO NOT do anything unless you are sure.
  5. All materials and products must be correctly labelled. If putting anything in the chillers
    or freezers always ensure that it is correctly labelled. If it is not please advise the
    supervisor immediately.
  6. If anything falls onto the floor, DO NOT use for production but place in the waste bin
    for QC to monitor yield usage.
  7. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that products are safe to the final consumer.

I have read and understood the safety rules and completed the questions to the best of my knowledge.

DD slash MM slash YYYY