Speciality Drinks Induction

Response Recruitment Ltd working with Speciality Drinks Ltd



understand and agree to abide by the following Speciality Drinks Ltd factory rules and their codes of practice

Product breakages policy

  1. The aim of the policy is to eliminate breakages and to instil in each Worker a responsible attitude and approach to product handling; to ensure every bottle (from the cheapest to the most expensive) is respected and handled as if it was the most expensive; to ensure bottle labels and secondary packaging are protected; to ensure all orders are packed and handled according to company guidelines at all times.
  2. The company considers that breakages are avoidable and are often the result of Worker's negligence. As such, the company will look to be reimbursed for the full replacement cost of any broken products in question in line with the following product designations:

    - All mainstream, readily available stock items at product cost
    - Rare collectors' items that are replaceable to be charged at market replacement cost at the time of breakage
    - One-off irreplaceable items to be charged at full retail value.

  3. The company accepts however that accidents do happen and unavoidable breakages will occur from time to time. As such, the company intends to deal with all incidences of breakage according to the company's breakage policy: 

    - The company will consider the circumstances surrounding all product breakages in a fair and objective manner;
    - All breakages MUST be reported to the Worker's immediate superior at the time or a senior manager;
    - All reports of breakages must be accompanied with a detailed explanation of the reasons for, or events leading up to, the breakage;
    - Where more than one Worker is involved, each Worker will be asked to give their own account of the breakage;
    - All breakages will be logged and frequency of breakages monitored;
    - Following due consideration of the facts the company will decide whether or not a charge for the breakage will be levied.

  4. Where a charge is levied against a Worker in respect of a breakage, the company reserves the right to deduct the amount owed from the weekly payment for the week the breakage occurs The company undertakes to recognise and adhere to agreed and published guidelines covering deductions from Workers" earnings in force at the time of the breakage. Current guidelines state the company may not recover monies owing through deductions at a rate greater than 1/10* of the gross amount payable in any one month. Where the amount to be recovered is greater than 1/10 of the gross amount payable in any one month then multiple deductions will be made at this rate until the full amount has be paid.
  5. Where a Worker has a higher than acceptable breakage record they may be subject to disciplinary action which will be conducted according to the company's published disciplinary procedure.
  6. All breakages will be charged at cost price excluding VAT.

Manual Handling

Back injuries can happen in all types of workplace. The most common injuries are usually associated with handling, lifting and carrying. Within the warehouse you will be expected to handle materials and goods. Handled correctly, these tasks should pose no injury to you.



  1. Time keeping
    As we are in the busiest period of the year for the business, you must report to work by 9am at the latest. If vou are running late please either call the office (number at the footer of page) or text either Alastair (07985351594) or Kiran (07967 741 767). You are then expected to make up for lost time as a result of vour lateness after 6pm.
  2. Lunch and Cigarette breaks
    Many of you are a smokers and are parmitted to a 10 minute break at 11am and an afternoon 10 minutes cigarette break at 3.30pm. You must deduct this combined 20 minute break from your lunch
    break. Meaning - 40 minutes lunch + 20 minutes smoke break = 60 minutes break in total.

    During the busy period, a further 10 minute break is permitted at 6.00pm, you should then only take a 30 minute lunch break, 30+10+10+10=60.

    Any staff member found completing their time sheet with a break period of only 30 minutes after taking both cigarette and lunch breaks will result in disciplinary action being taken that could result in dismissal.

  3. Sickness
    If you are sick it is your responsibility to notify the company.

    Procedure is as follows:

    - call the main office number 020 8838 9388 and advise your immediate superior on a member of the management team between 9am & 10am on the first day of sickness and update on a daily basis thereafter.
    - on return to work it is your responsibility to request and complete a sick note and get it signed by your immediate superior on the first day back to work. Failure to comply will result in the company assuming you have taken unauthorised holiday which will be deducted from your holiday entitlement accordingly.

    It will no longer be acceptable to email or text notification or to request a colleague to notify the company on your behalt.

  4. Mobile phones
    with immediate effect the use of mobile phones at a workstation will no longer be permitted. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action being taken that could result in dismissal.

    Where you need to be contacted in an emergency please provide the main office number 020 8838 9388 which is manned at all times.
  5. Stening in and out

    It is a requirement of your employment with the company to comply with the company's signing in and signing out procedure. As such, you must enter and leave the building via the main entrance unless there is an emergency evacuation in progress. Under no circumstances should anyone enter the building via the shutter in the main loading bay.

    This record of attendance will be used in the event of an emergency evacuation of the building. It is your responsibility to sign in and out every time you enter or leave the premises.

    Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action being taken that could result in dismissal.

    As we are issuing a copy of the above house rules to each team member, we require each of you to sign a master copy (that will be circulated) confirming that you understand and accept the points highlighted.

    Thank you for your prompt attention the above.

    Best regards

    Alastair Macadzean
    Kiran Kumar

    On behalf of Speciality Drinks

ID Cards

All staff must carry and display a valid I.D card at all times, which will be issued by Response Recruitment Ltd.


Smoking is prohibited at Speciality Drinks Ltd, except in the designated smoking areas. Time spent on smoking breaks are to be deducted from the hour lunch break accordingly

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are prohibited in the factory areas and can only be used away from such areas during lunch and rest breaks.


A £5.00 key deposit will be required on the first day to ensure that staff bags are kept secure.


Security is rigorously enforced and staff searches do occur on a daily basis. Anyone found attempting to remove property or products, including discarding product and raw materials from Speciality Drinks Ltd, will be removed and may be subject to prosecution.

For your own well being and safety, all Speciality Drinks Ltd health and safety rules must be observed at all times.


Please note that there will be no payment will be made for the first 3 hours off training if you do work continually for the session.

This list is not exhaustive and other rules do apply.

I have read and understood this document:

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L.D cards at Speciality Drinks Ltd:


Agency: Response Recruitment Ltd

By signing this agreement I can confirm that I have received the access control card number

Card number

for the access control system at Speciality Drinks, Elixir House, Whithy Avenue, Park Royal, London, NW10 7SF

I understand that the card is personal and should not be handed over to anyone else and that if I lose the card I must inform Response Recruitment Lid and Speciality Drinks immediately.

I have signed a deduction from wages form as my deposit for my proximity card. If I lose or do not return the card within 3 working days upon leaving my assignment, I understand that I will be deducted £20.00 from my pay to cover the cost of the card.

Signed by(Required)
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