All Employees, Visitors and Contractors.

To ensure that the safety and quality of the products at PFIL are maintained, all visitors and contractors will be screened via medical questionnaire and issued with instructions on how to proceed within the factory.

- To ensure that the current Government Legislation is adhered to and minimise the risk of product contamination from personnel. The policy is appropriate to the fruit and nut products produced on site. PLEASE NOTE THIS FACTORY PROCESSES ALLERGENS – IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR HOST OR SITE TECHNICAL PRIOR TO GOING INTO THE FACTORY AREAS – They will advise of your best options.
- Our Medical Questionnaire must be completed prior to entry into production areas and site. If any answers
show potential risks to food safety and colleagues, access to the site will not be permitted.
- Prior to entry into factory, please read the following procedures.

COVID-19 Coronavirus
We are experiencing a pandemic of an infectious viral illness.

- Complete the medical questionnaire and inform us if you or close family members are suffering from the
- We reserve the right to deny visitor entry and postpone visit.
- If you are a contractor or regular visitor request and complete questionnaire before by email and on arrival.
- Use hand sanitiser on entry and exit of building. Practice good hand hygiene.
- Maintain physical distance from colleagues whenever possible.

No one shall enter the factory without:

- Clean coat / overall;
- Hairnet (all hair must be fully contained within a hairnet, appropriate to the area being visited);
- Beard snoods (if needed - beards of any length or type must be contained within a snood);
- Overshoes (visitors / contractors);
- Washing of hand with soap and water followed by alcohol rinse.
All visitors must at all times be accompanied by an authorised member of staff and must obey all factory notices.

The following company regulations must be strictly adhered to:

- Personal effects such as bags, clothes, etc. must not be taken into the processing areas. Outdoors clothing in
changing rooms must NOT be mixed with processing workwear.
- Personal music players, mobile phones or photographic and recording equipment are not allowed in processing areas.
- Jewellery i.e. earrings, necklaces, bangles or rings with stones must not be worn in the factory. One wedding plain band ring and Bangle-Kara are allowed. If glasses or contact lenses are worn, loss or damage must be reported immediately to your host or a member of the technical / QA team and the line stopped with product produced placed on hold, immediately.
- Nail varnish, false fingernails or false eyelashes are not allowed.
- Aftershave or Perfume shall not be worn in the factory.
- No visitor is to be left unattended in the factory at any time.
- All visitors be aware of moving equipment and must stand clear from it as specified distances.
- Visitors handling exposed product must only do so at permission of host.
- All cuts and grazes must be covered by a metal detectable blue plaster. This will be provided by the company.
- Personal medicines not allowed in production areas.
- No personal glass / brittle plastic materials are not allowed to be brought into production areas.

- Report all accidents, regardless of outcome.
- Cooperate with the management in all matters relating Health & Safety.
- Please wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided in all designated areas where the
company has informed you verbally that it is necessary for the purposes of Health & Safety.
- Conduct yourself in a safe manner at all times. Fork lift and pallet trucks operate throughout the warehouse area. Follow all Health & Safety guidelines remembering that the production area is a busy working environment.
- Visitors may not be unaccompanied at any time in the production areas.
- In the event of a fire alarm leave the area quickly but safety by the nearest fire exit, make your way directly to the fire assembly point in the car park at the front of the building, and remain there until instructed to leave by your host, Fire Marshal or a member of the Fire Brigade.

- Take any items into processing areas without authority to do so;
- Create hazards to yourself or others;
- Interfere with or misuse items provided for your safety;
- Obstruct fire exits, escape routes or walkways;
- Run or indulge in horseplay in any part of the factory;
- Enter the premises under the influence of: alcohol, non-prescription medicines or any other intoxication / narcotic substance;
- Smoke or use electronic smoking devices in any part of the factory. Smoking is permitted in the designated area (outside on the yard) and in this area ONLY!
- DO NOT cough, sneeze or spit over the product at any time. Sneezing / coughing should be contained into the tissue or crook of elbow and hands must be washed thoroughly before handling product.

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