The Temp’s Story

Reponse Recruitment Case Study - Worker

As a recruitment organisation we know that our team consists of both our permanent staff and our temps. We understand that they have feelings, hopes and aspirations and we cannot provide a quality, client focused service without meeting these expectations.

The challenge

I had worked for the same company as a warehouse operative after leaving school 15 years ago. Sadly, the company was closing down and I had to get another job quickly.

The uncertainty of what I was going to do was very stressful and I didn’t know where to start. What’s more, the recruitment companies I contacted didn’t give me much hope. One was very vague about what work they had and couldn’t tell me any details. The second agency asked me to come along to register without finding out about me. The final agency said that the person I needed to speak to was out at the moment and I would have to call back later. This backed up what I thought about recruitment companies! However, a few of my friends recommended a company called Response Recruitment, so I telephoned the office to see what they could offer.

The approach

The person at Response was very thorough and undertook a mini telephone interview. I was then invited into the office for a face-to-face discussion to find out about my experience and what I wanted to do. They assured me that they would be able to find work for me and their confidence really put me at ease. In fact, when I got home there was a message from Response saying that they had a job for me starting the next day lasting for three weeks.

The support and service from Response didn’t end there. They were really attentive, they told me all the important details even down to taking my own packed lunch because there wasn’t a canteen! On my first morning they took me to the job to make sure that I got to know where the warehouse was and they introduced me to the person I would be working for.

A friendly face was really important, I had worked for the same employer for a long time so I was quite nervous! It also meant I wasn’t late, I got to meet the right person straight away and he could show me what I needed to do. I needn’t have worried. The job was very much like my old one and my boss, well he had been told about me already!

The follow up from Response was very good. They called me in the evening and again in the morning to make sure that I was still happy with the job and to discuss any issues or answer any of my questions.

The benefits

After the job finished I continued to work for Response. I was pleased to see that the way they worked didn’t change, their high level of commitment to the client and the temp remained consistent. They were not only interested in me and how I felt, but also in ensuring that my bosses were confident that I was the right person for them too!

I’ve realised that the majority of Response’s temps are recruited by word of mouth. The team understand that if you treat people with respect and realise their ambitions and expectations they will want to work with you again and again. What’s more, they’ll recommend a quality service to others and good temps mean that their clients are happy too!

With Response our temps get treated as individuals and our clients get the best people for the job.